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01:21pm 10/10/2005
mood: creative
What is your favorite color? Red

What is your favorite time of day? Dawn

What is your favorite telivision show?

What state do you live in? Texas

What is your favorite movie? Sleepless in Seattle

What is your favorite book? Gone with the Wind

What is your favorite food? Apple/Banana Oatmeal

What is your favorite sport and/or team? Dallas Cowboys

Where would you love to take a vacation at? Bermuda

What is your favorite piece of clothing? Denim Mini Skirt

What is your dream car? One that doesn't take gas

Who do you admire? My daughter

What's your favorite sex fantasy? Me with three men.

What is the kinkiest thing you have done? Can I really post that in here?

What wont you do sexually? Nothing

Favorite Cereal? Honey Bunches of Oats

Favorite Candy Bar? Hersheys with Amonds

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi

Favorite Fast Food? Wendy's Jr Bacon Cheeseburger
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Momma Been Busy   
02:56pm 10/09/2004
mood: amused
Now all you little angels know that momma loves you lots, but Ive been a very busy girl lately. Ive been humpin and pumpin lil boys just like you and nasty lil fuck sluts. Mommy got a brand new rubber strap on that shes taken to a house boy or two over the last three days. I fucking love it, it glides in like its slicin butter. Fuck, mommy could fuck all night long with that thing.

Im going to be on a new site. http://www.autumnphonesex.com its for me and other mature ladies just like me. You should check it out, right now its still being developed and I think she his still hiring for it cause there are a lot of mes on that page right now. Although I wish I could do all the calls, I cant, theres just not enough of me to go around. So check it out and tell mommy what you think.
Mommys Been Busy!!!   
11:41pm 26/07/2004

I swear you young ones are going to wear mommy out. I dont mind, I like taking care of you, making sure you are well fed and well fucked.

I got a new caller recently, a slave. He learned that I love to smother a man with my sweet little pussy. He didnt mind, he just licked and lapped and found the pleasure of having my ass smother his face before he finally got to cum all over me.
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Cum Fuck Mommy Now!!!   
03:35pm 29/06/2004

I got a fourty min appointment in the morning and I just cant wait. Its got me all wet and rarin to go. So come on guys, fuck mommy NOW!!!
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Mommys Home   
08:13pm 27/06/2004

I have had one of the most wonderful weekends ever. I got to be the naughty school teacher who made her student put in extra credit so he could pass. Boy, how did he pass. I got my favorite caller to take it up the ass with my daughters strap on, while I rode his cock, and my husband fucked his mouth. Mommy also got to feed her baby some milke from her breast while her lil one fucked her sooooo hard. Gooood job baby. Mommy also taught one of her baby boys to masturbate and another one to hold his cheeks open so mommy could lick his baby boy butthole. So much fun, who knew I would enjoy it this much.
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Its good to be me.   
01:26pm 17/06/2004
  Im having so much fun with my calls, I have no idea why I didnt start doing this job sooner.

I got raped by my son, he caught me playing with his best friend and so he thaught he would teach momma a lesson. He bent me over that kitchen table and raped mommas ass hard. Squeezing the fucking shit out of my tit.

I also got made love to be a nice romantic older gentleman who sure knew how to make me all wet. He took his time and did it right.

Finally, I caught my son all dressed up in my panties and lingeree, so I had to teach him a lesson. I always wanted a baby girl to whore out, and guess what, he became my baby girl whore. He sucked dick like a pro, then momma fucked his virgin cunt and made him cum all over my tits.

Isnt that just a blast???
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Im hot!   
03:18pm 14/06/2004

I had a wonderful weekend, even got a call from a baby boy. Didnt momma take good care of you like I promised I would?

I also got fucked like a dirty whore. I think I pounded to hard, my pussy still hurts.

Love you lots,

Momma Joyce
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